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Commercialization and distribution of electric material.
Our customers always come first

Who we are

Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl is a company dedicated to the distribution of electrical material in the fields of lighting, protection, control and installation. With more than three decades of experience and a highly qualified professional team behind us, we are the largest distributor of electrical equipment in Navarra. We are also a liaison in the sector between our customers and our suppliers..

Our customers are electricians, electrical components manufacturers, official agencies and stores, among others. Our suppliers are the leading firms of the national and international market.

Our role, however is not just supplying the electrical equipment that customers demand. We also provide technically appropriate, economically viable supported solutions for warranty, and the quality of the best and leading brands of electrical equipment.

Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl joins Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl Guipúzcoa, strengthening our presence in the neighboring community, while Comercial Navarra de Instrumentación (Coninsa), which also forms part of our group, is specialized in equipment for measurement, control and regulation of electric and electronic parameters..

Our customers always come first

Our extensive experience, our high specialization in the sector of electrical and electronic material and our business philosophy leads us to join the interests and the needs for both our customers and providers, offering them an integral service. In this way, we deliver the electrical equipment directly to the point of consumption established by our customers, teach them advances developed by manufacturers, support them in the development and implementation of technical projects, and offer continuous training, as well as advice on regulations.

Additional services

In addition to supplying all types of electrical equipment, we study lighting systems, design electrical panels and offer specialized technical services. To fulfill our commitment to customers, we have a staff of more than sixty ready and capable professionals, including engineers and experienced specialized technicians in the field of electrical and electronic material. Our professionals are always ready to advise our clients.

In addition, we provide courses in a specially prepared 140m² classroom..

Our facilities

Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl and Coninsa building is located on a 6.000m² plot. Its more than 4,000m² allow us to store all kinds of electrical material in large quantities. In addition, we have more than 1,000m² of parking for our clients.

The Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl store is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 19:30 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00 hours. Our store is located in the Comarca 1 Industrial Park (Los Agustinos) of Pamplona.

Furthermore, Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl Guipúzcoa is located in “Txalaka-Araneder” Industrial Park of Astigarraga, in a 2.000m² building. This facility also has free parking, and a 100m² classroom and more than twenty professionals prepared to serve the market in Guipuzcoa.