In order to offer the best service to our customers, Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl is part of AUNA, the result of the merger of Electroclub with Almagrupo, the largest group of independent electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating material warehouses in Spain.

Composed of more than ninety companies and more than four hundred points of sale, belonging to this association allows us to offer electrical equipment from leading brands at more competitive prices, to have a virtual warehouse with the stocks of all associates, as well as to exchange know-how for stock management, commercial techniques, customer service ...



The Active Multisector Distribution Group (DAM) emerges as a benchmark in the market and an organization icon based on excellence. Maintaining the identities of its associates as a fundamental value, the staff proud of belonging to each specific organization and with a particular capacity for loyalty, the DAM Group is oriented towards general innovation and sustainability.


CLC Electro Marcilla

In addition, since 2008 Aúna has a logistics center, shared by all its associates, with more than 10,000 m2 of warehouse and hundreds of references available in 24 hours. In turn, Aúna is a member of Imelco (International Marketing Electrical Corporation), the first consortium of independent electrical material distribution companies in Europe, Australia and the United States.



Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl also belongs to Adime (Association of Electrical Equipment Distributors of Spain), a non-profit professional association whose objective is to promote maximum collaboration and efficiency in commercial relations between manufacturers and distributors of electrical, electrotechnical and lighting equipment. .

Adime encompasses a hundred electrical material distribution companies with nearly eight hundred points of sale spread throughout the Spanish territory. Finally, at the provincial level, Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl is a member of ADEN (Association of Distributors of Electrical Material of Navarra).



Also, Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl is a partner of ADEFAN. The Navarra Family Business Association aims to defend and develop the family business in Navarra. "ADEFAN" is defined as apolitical and independent without prejudice to the individual opinions of the associates. It is an economically independent Association whose budget is expected to be covered with the fees of its members. It does not intend to cover spaces of other sectoral or local associations.