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    Navarra Padel Master Club, club de referencia en Pamplona cambia 11 pistas equipadas con 88 proyectores de la marca Fael Luce. La empresa instaladora ha sido Montajes Eléctricos Pamplona, (MEPSA). El cambio realizado tiene las siguientes características técnicas: Potencia instalada con halogenuros 42944w. Potencia actual instalada con led 13552w. La instalación realiza un 68% menos
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  • Iluminación Almacén Logístico

    El numero de luminarias instaladas tipo LED instaladas ha sido 316. Con este tipo de luminarias tipo LED instaladas, se han conseguido unos ahorros cercanos al 70% son unas mejoras en rendimiento y temperatura de color más que evidentes.   
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  • Urbanización Porcelanas

    We have developed the study of lighting in the town of Irun for “Urbanización Porcelanas”. It has 18 lighting points, being LED technology. The lamp used is of the brand Philips, model CitySoul LED, achieving significant energy savings compared to conventional technology.
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    PARLIAMENT OF NAVARRE Lighting Control In remodeling the building, we also opt for a centralized control for its management, as well as for energy saving control. The whole building lighting and shutters are controlled. Also the status of the protection of the electrical panels around the building. To perform the installation we chose KNX. A
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    “LA PIEDRA” RESTAURANT Decorative Lighting We have developed both lighting and control in Gabyl. This restaurant is designed with LED and RGB luminaires, giving great importance to both the efficiency and comfort, without leaving a cheerful and relaxed lighting thanks to the possibility of color change on the walls and other areas, getting different sensations
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    NAVARRA ENVIRONMENT BUILDING Indoor Lighting New office building for the development and environment department of the  government of Navarra. Large windows with high amount of natural light. For this installation we decided to use the Phiips control system. Building lighting is controlled by regulating the amount of natural light. Also various lighting scenes are created.
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    ILUNDAIN JUVENILE FACILITY Outdoor Lighting The intention in this building was a centralized facility for control and automation . The chosen system is the international standard KNX. In this installation all the lighting part is controlled, either manually or from the same control software. KNX card readers for access to the rooms were placed. With all this,
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  • Larrea auzoa Park 25-31.Villabona (Guipúzcoa)

    Larrea auzoa Park 25-31. Villabona (Guipúzcoa) The area to be illuminated is a sidewalk with a parking lane, and a park area with a garden Current lighting is made with high pressure sodium vapor lamps, with an approximate consumption of 150W per lamp, and a consumption of 17W per equipment. The light is a yellow tone (2,000 K). It
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  • Orkli. Ordizia (Guipúzcoa)

    ORKLI. Ordizia (Guipúzcoa) Indoor Lighting Production lighting is made with light-line luminaires with reflector and flourescent lamps. There is high consumption with this setup, so a change of the installation type is planned. The current lighting is with fluorescent lamps, with a consumption of 2x58W per lamp and 12W per equipment. A change to the high
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  • TUDELA SPORTS CENTER. Tudela (Navarra)

    TUDELA SPORTS CENTER Tudela (Navarra) An extension of the Sports Centre was made after surveys of the different areas and studies of lighting options. There are different types of luminaires installed based on the area, downlights for corridors, fluorescent luminaires for recessed mounting in multi-purpose areas and decorative rails suspended in fitness area. All material
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