A large stock

The extensive facilities of Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl allow us to have a large amount of stock of electrical material, a stock that we permanently renew according to the demand and needs of our customers. We also have a logistics center (CLC), shared by all our associates with hundreds of references available immediately. In turn, by being part of Electroclub, we have a virtual warehouse with the stocks of all our associates.

A warehouse for our clients

The more than 4,000 m2 of warehouses of Suministros Eléctricos Gabyl make it possible, in addition to a large stock, to store and store all the electrical material that our clients may need at any given time. We keep said electrical equipment in our facilities for as long as necessary and our five delivery vehicles will be in charge of delivering it either on site or in the place where our clients require it.

Services tailored to the client

Gabyl is not only a warehouse for electrical equipment. The preparation and qualification of our technicians, as well as that of our staff, allow us to offer our customers the electrical products they demand adapted to their specific needs, since we also make sets of components tailored to their needs.